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For more information about Dennis Gephart, please visit the Director page

E59F24D6-E6AA-4A9D-891E-281C572BF280 - Margo Halbleib.jpeg

Margo Halbleib


Year in group: 3

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I joined Limited Edition to expand on my greatest passion in life with the people I cherish most!

Hobbies: Writing, thrifting, and looking mysterious in coffee shops

Favorite Class: AP Modern European History

Plans After High School: Pursue a degree in Sociology and Pre-Law before continuing on to law school

Why Singing Matters to Me: Singing provides an outlet for my every emotion, and has brought me my absolute best friends and created my favorite memories.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: “Feet on the ground, head in the sky, it’s alright. I know nothing’s wrong.” - This Must Be The Place by The Lumineers

IMG_2094 - Lucas Poull.jpg

Lucas Poull

Vocal Percussion

Year in group: 3

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I joined for a chance to get lost in the rhythm of each song with each person on the stage with me.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, tennis, soccer

Favorite Class: Limited Edition

Plans After High School: To go into nursing and later become a travel nurse

Why Singing Matters to Me: It gives a chance to show others how music can affect oneself and create new thoughts.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: Everything you desire is on the other side of fear.

LE Bio pic - Brandon Hale.jpg

Brandon Hale


Year in group: 3

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I wanted a fun group to sing with besides choir, and to have fun making music together

Hobbies: Video gaming, musical theatre, and singing

Favorite Class: Anatomy and Physiology

Plans After high school: I want to go into the medical field and become a genetic counselor

Why Singing Matters to Me: It is a way of expressing emotions that nothing else can compare to. It’s a universal way to communicate with others emotionally.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "Be nice to everyone, always smile, and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.”   -Ed Sheeran

E0DEFC99-0D45-441E-9526-57523CBFD276 - Rhea Bohn.jpeg

Rhea Bohn


Year in group: 1

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I decided to join limited edition because ever since I was a little girl, it was my dream to become a part of the group. I am happy to say that I am now living that dream as a Senior and I cannot wait to continue this new journey.

Hobbies: Outside of school I work at our local coffee shop; Java Dock in Port. I absolutely love working there and I have been able to make many close relationships with my coworkers.

Favorite Class: Current Issues

Plans After High School: I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do after high school, but if it’s anything probably take a gap year or go straight into a two-year technical college. I have been very indecisive about what I want to do for my future.

Why Singing Matters to Me: Singing matters to me because growing up with my mom, who is also a singer, has impacted me throughout my and I have looked up to her since day one. She sometimes makes me do things that I might not wanna do but in the best way possible because she knows what I’m capable of and that’s what mothers do.

Favorite Quote: “I faced it all, and I stood tall And did it my way”-Frank Sinatra

Snapchat-1036603535 - Madelyn Ksioszk.jpg

Madelyn Ksioszk


Year in group: 1

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I wanted to be part of a motivated group, and I wanted to be part of the family that limited creates.

Hobbies: I play tennis, and I love to play piano.

Favorite Class: AP Psych and Jazz Band

Plans After High School: I want to go to college to get a psychology degree.

Why Singing Matters to Me: I want to be able to reach people in a more meaningful way then just speaking to them. Music is a universal language and enables us to get a message across in a beautiful way.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "There are no wrong answers only slightly right."

06DA1E43-347C-4C46-8479-608D66392D0F - Eli Meeks.jpeg

Eli Meeks


Year in group: 1

Grade: Junior

Why I Joined: I loved the idea of it and was encouraged by many friends to join. 

Hobbies: I like playing the rums and basketball. 

Favorite Class: Choir

Plans After High School: Teaching math. 

Why Singing Matters to Me: My whole family sings, and I have loved singing from a young age.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

3E300F79-D78C-4FDE-B964-0773B7C667EF - Jennifer Boccio_edited.jpg

Jennifer Boccio


Year in group: 1

Grade: Senior.

Why I joined: To experience a different type of music since music it such a big influence in my life.

Hobbies: Tennis, band, reading. 

Favorite Class: AP physics

Plans After High School: College!

Why Singing Matters to Me: It is a fun way to meet people and an escape from other stressful things in life.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "Laughing at our fears and fearing what’s to come"

84BC91CE-5B67-41BA-A432-4B77CF10A646 - Isabella Schmitz.jpeg

Isabella Schmitz


Year in group: 2

Grade: Junior

Why I Joined: I joined to expand my voice and to try out a different type of singing.

Hobbies: Softball, Tennis, Musical Theater, Dance, and Drawing

Favorite Class: Art and Music classes

Plans After High School: I plan to get a bachelors degree in Performing Arts and Graphic Design and then get a Masters in Themed Experiences.

Why Singing Matters to Me: Singing matters to me because music is a way for me to express emotion when I don’t have anything to say. Music has a way of reaching so many people and it is an amazing thing.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "Anything is possible even the impossible" - Mary Poppins

goofy - Logan Williams.jpg

Logan Williams


Year in group: 1

Grade: Sophomore

Why I Joined: I have a lot of fun singing a cappella and love performing the complete product.

Hobbies: Bowling, talking about sports (racing and college football the most)

Favorite Class: Study Hall

Why Singing Matters to Me: I love to be active in my favorite creative art form, plus it is a nice break in the school day.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile"-Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads


Max Mitchell


Year in group: 3

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: A cappella music is such a unique genre that you can’t find anywhere else, and the experience you gain by joining a group like this in high school is unmatched.

Hobbies: Soccer, wakeboarding, pool, foosball, airsoft, and just hanging out with friends.

Favorite Class: Physics

Plans After High School: Headed to college for an engineering degree.

Why Singing Matters to Me: I love the air of excitement and just pure energy when on stage performing, music has always been a positive influence in my life and I would like to spread that impact to others.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: Panda, Panda (grrrrrah, git), Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda (git git git git) -Desiigner

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 8.59.39 AM - Victoria Gillen.png

Victoria Gillen


Year in group: 1

Grade: Junior

Why I Joined: i love singing with people who love singing as much as i do, pls it's a great opportunity.

Hobbies: All kinds of art and plant nurturing.

Favorite Class: AP Psych

Plans After High School: I am going to become a florist!

Why Singing Matters to Me: It brings me closer to people with similar interests as me and it just feels great to sing.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "It's all of the small things you do remind me of why i love you" - a random artist

7A576D4C-7371-44CA-B5FA-97F039BA0B2C - Kyle Jentink.jpeg

Kyle Jentink


Year in group: 3

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I want to compete and listen to other groups as we travel around for a third time.

Hobbies: Singing. Drawing. Cooking.

Favorite Class: Limited Edition

Plans After High School: Planning on going to LaCrosse for physics. 

Why Singing Matters to Me: Music has always brought people in my life together

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "It’s one of those never forget it, better stop and take it in kinda scene. Everything’s just right."

IMG_3312 - Annastasia Wischki.jpg

Annastasia Wischki


Year in group: 1

Grade: Junior

Why I Joined: To gain musical experience experience and knowledge and build relationships. Also because I have looked up to Limited since i was in elementary school.

Hobbies: Soccer, Gymnastics, cross country, dive, musical, singing and band.

Favorite Class: Welding

Plans After High School: College - undecided where or for what

Why Singing Matters to Me: It’s an emotional release and allows me to re-center myself and provide that for others at the same time

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon"

A384B7D1-5E93-4BF7-8974-CAACE41E8EA5 - Kira Sova.jpeg

Kira Sova


Year in group: 1

Grade: Junior

Why I Joined: I have been passionate about music my entire life and wanted to challenge myself.

Hobbies: I love to go for walks and spend time with friends.

Favorite Class: Spanish

Plans After High School: I plan to attend MATC to become a dental hygienist.

Why Singing Matters to Me: Music is a way to express myself and communicate with people using more than just words.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: If you’re afraid of failing then don’t look down - Walking the Wire by Imagine Dragons

347E1532-736E-44ED-A030-B6EADCC51BC0 - Bryce Grant.jpeg

Bryce Grant


Year in group: 3

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I joined because I was inspired by my older brother when he was in limited edition and I wanted to be like him

Hobbies: I love snow boarding, playing guitar and running

Favorite Class: Choir

Plans After High School: I plan on going to college for a degree in teaching or environmental sciences

Why Singing Matters to Me: Singing matters to me because it's an outlet and makes you feel good

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: “If you didn’t get no rain, then there wouldn’t be rainbows” -Forrest

CE4D9249-249E-4D8E-BFD0-0EBAC28127EB - Jacari Mathews.jpeg

Jacari Mathews


Year in group: 1

Grade: Sophomore

Why I Joined: I joined LE to gain more musical knowledge and work with other people to learn music, but overall to have a fun while learning the music and being satisfied with the results.

Hobbies: I like reading, working with kids, helping others, going outside, and eating.

Favorite Class: At the moment it's US History.

Plans After High School: College

Why Singing Matters to Me: It's a way to connect with other people, no matter who they are, and it helps me express myself.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric: "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Nelson Mandela"

80AA176E-8200-46CC-A0BB-8F8EEF0CC930 - Nina Martinez-Lopez.jpeg

Nina Martinez

Business Manager

Year in group: 1

Grade: Senior

Why I Joined: I've always adored the art Limited Edition creates, and I definitely don't sing. Being manager has taught me life skills and made me fall more in love with the harmonies in music. 

Hobbies: Napping with my dog named Sushi, talking, and drinking iced drinks with complicated names. 

Favorite Class: Creative Writing, delicious class. 

Why Singing Matters to Me: Because without it, my shower wouldn't have anything to listen to. 

Plans After High School: I'm going to be an exchanged student in Italy for a year, then hopefully go to UW-Madison for education.  

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